Thoughts and Prayers

An abstract depicting the artist’s thoughts and prayers for prosperity, balance, life, and positivity.

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Colors of Rain

An abstract depicting rain and the colors that water brings from the flowers to the river.

From $5,000.00

Tesuque Buffalo Dancer

A contemporary portrayal of the Tesuque Buffalo dancer. Here we see the Buffalo dancer in the middle of winter dancing with a snow storm approaching in the background. An adobe house with a bonfire in the foreground. The color pallet is a made of shades of blue with lights of orange and red contrasting the blue. In the distance you can see iconic New Mexico mountains and gradually fade into the distance. Aj’s intention was to create a dramatic feel.

Sold for $3,00.00


During the winter on Christmas eve and “All Kings Day” Tesuque Pueblo will have dances including the Buffalo dance. Accompanying the Buffalo dancers is the Ram dancer followed by some antelope dancers. The Ram accompanies the Buffalo dancers is also followed by antelope dancers. Here the Ram dancer is wearing the evergreen head dress with the ram horns, in the back is the tail of the golden eagle. He also holds his cane in a fashion of dancing along to a slow song. The dancers are praying for blessings of life, and prosperity encompassing all that is alive throughout the universe. Furthermore the design surrounding the Ram dancer is of cloud designs and the sacred serpent who is the very essence of water, and the colors of yellow and turquoise represent summer and winter, summer is yellow and winter Turquoise.

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